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I never spoke any words after that incident at home

I loved a girl from college days and I really loved her, but I am a coward to talk at my home and scared of this shitty society what think of about it. One fine day, I became strong, told my family I’m loving this girl like that they opposed like anything but manage to take them their home. When we been their things got very ugly my mom started to scream and behaving like immature even my dad didn’t take the situation properly.

After few days, my family believe in astrology they took me to 3 different astrologers they all saying bad things about relations between me and that girl based on the birth chart of us. But after that my mother gone seriously mad. We discussed about this among our relates one of my aunt told that I will convince her to go away from you. Next day I took her to that place my aunt started like we won’t marry you to him just go away you’re from this caste and we’re like this if we marry our life gets bad they blaming her only but I am jerk I was simply sitting not talking any word to support her then she started crying heavily she went home and I followed her……..

After few days, we get back together again all this problem never got over. In her home they started to see proposals for her. She used to say please talk at home convince your parents like that. But I never spoke any words after that incident at home. She kept on telling it and I irritated and told to marry someone many times. I a lot dwell in past which made the situation even worse.

I really love her, everyone told please talk with your parents it’s your life be patience like that. I was thinking in 6 months I will marry that girl because I need to make some money so. But now she’s marrying someone I don’t know what to do. Their parents are hating me. Everything fucked up even my life but she’s not willing to give me a last chance.

From her side everything was good but not from end. I love you honey and I love honey…each and every day I will live in your feelings and memories that’s it.

My Mistakes:

I never talked properly and left that girl in difficult time.

I was selfish.

I hurted her.

I scared to take responsibility and every time running.

Now I realized my mistake.

If she gives me a last chance I will don’t make her disappointed for sure. Swear on my life.

Honey, please give me a last chance.

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