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Feelings you haven’t felt for a while seems to disappear

I don’t understand. What does it feel like to miss someone?

After a while, feelings you haven’t felt for a while seems to disappear.

Just like how talents you have had but never bother to use anymore. I never realize how emotions you once had can disappear. Like when you love someone. You love, miss, long for that person when they’re near.

But even those feelings can fade. After you let go of love, and dedicate yourself to only you, or to loneliness, you start to forget how those feelings feel like. You then just no longer miss them. Sometimes you reflect back and wonder how it felt like, or what it felt like.

Sometimes you see people, but you just can’t grasp the feeling of two anymore.

Those feelings become unfamiliar to you, like something you haven’t experience before. Just like things that you learn. If you continue to build it, you become an expert. When you stop for a long time, you become sloppy or even forget it completely. I never realize how similar the two were.


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