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I want to be an assassin

Well, how do I start? I have this feeling, or I can say passion for last few months. I want to be an assassin. Well saying just like that sound childish enough. I mean there are lots of people who wants to become assassin because they though it’s a cool job. But I am sure more than half of them will be paralysed just after seeing a dead body.

So, for checking myself that in which category I fall, I saw my father’s dead body (he suicides by poisoning himself few months before) And I wonder I was pitying him. I mean I was just finding difference between his dead body and AN OBJECT and I find none.

There were no tears in my eyes-only pity. Nowadays I only think about assassination, how to assassinate someone. I also started practising some moves and increasing physical strength in direction to assassinate.

Many times, I have strong feelings or called bloodlust towards people in my surroundings. But I know if I do something crazy like these in today’s society then child like me who has no support or background will die in vain.

So that’s why I want to learn proper assassination. And also, I guess I will have so much fun in assassination. And by the way I am only 17 years old. So, I guess you will still say that this is my childish behaviour. But these are my real thoughts.

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