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UTI in Thailand, a girl’s worst enemy!!

UTI in Thailand, a girl’s worst enemy!

One of my boyfriend’s colleagues came up with an idea of going on a trip, and they were sweet enough to ask me and him! So, we agreed and there we were- 6 adults and one child on an adventure trip to Thailand!

So, we started the journey on a flight, AirAsia, which was pretty pocket friendly- thanks to my boyfriend who is a master planner (somebody make him a manager already) and his colleague.

When we reached Bangkok at first it looked just like India, and we were a little disappointed considering what we had in mind (google images to blame), but that thought soon changed once we reached Pattaya! Pretty beach, foreigners all around people roaming around and having fun- our smiles were broadened again. Since we were planning to stay for 4 days, we had booked an apartment, and the apartment looked like it was just created for us. Completely white with black furniture, it was a treat to the eyes. Now the only challenge was the owner wanted it as spotless as it was when we leave, and that was a challenge, and my clumsiness surely would not help with that.

Anyways it was a fun experience! Because we were in a house, we were not stuck in separate rooms and could instead spend time together. I will write about different experiences later, but there is one that I want to specifically mention.

Just as we were leaving for the trip I started getting symptoms of UTI (Urinary Tract Infection)– for those who don’t know it’s a symptom where you want to pee all the time and you get a burning sensation if you don’t. Yes, it is exactly as horrible as it sounds! And no, it is not fun when travelling:(

Luckily, we kept the medicine for it just as a safety option, and THANK GOD we did that, otherwise I would be writing about some embarrassing incident instead of this happy story. Hehe 😛

This problem made it very difficult for me to enjoy the time out. Beach days were good as my body was not heated as much and we were in water all the time, making it easier for …you know…;) (no judging allowed if you have not been through this!). But other days it was hell, I cannot explain how hard it was to deal with it.

And enter my hero! :-* First up it was difficult sharing this with him back home, but he was so supportive of it when I did, and I glad I did it:)

I had to stop at every washroom we came across, and it was tiring, but I was so glad my sweetheart was there. He made sure we stop at every restroom and he kept his eyes open to search for one.

I know it must have felt irritating to be with someone who always wanted to pee, I mean I am his girlfriend and I am supposed to be perfect. This was far from perfect, but he never made me feel that way! He joked it off and gave me strength every day to step out of the house where we would be unsure if there is a restroom.

And I am glad he did because we had the most amazing time! It was literally picture perfect, me and him, on the beach at night, with cool breeze all around us. Plus, we saw a couple make out… Hehe

It was amazing. You think you know a person, but you see so many new sides of them as time goes, and you fall in love with each side.

And for me, on the trip I saw this caring loving and UTI tolerant boyfriend and fell in love all over again. 🙂

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