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I think I’ve got herpes

This is a story about my sad sad life. I guess it really all started when I met my ex-boyfriend. He was the first guy to really catch my attention in a way it hadn’t been caught before. He was that high school sweet heart for me that only I wanted. I disobeyed my parents because I wanted to be with him, I wanted to get to know him. I didn’t think it was fair for me not to be able to have a boyfriend at the age of sixteen when all of my friends were clearly allowed. I went behind both my mom and dad’s back by dating him. I guess they secretly knew but in reality, they knew nothing they could do would stop me from seeing him.

After a while of dating him when I was about to turn eighteen, I realized that I could get so much better than him. That I was pretty enough to be with guys way hotter than him, but little did I know, leaving him was one of the biggest regrets I’ve ever made in my life. We broke up not long before our two years because I was selfish enough to go behind his back and catch feelings for a previous ex. That though is another story. After our break up, I went through a crazy single spiral like every day was Christmas for me. Here’s a new guy to talk to, I can talk to this guy, I can sleep with that guy, I can pretty much do whatever the hell I wanted to because I was single. Well let me tell you that was not the case at all.

Let me fast forward to one of the most tragic moments of my life. I was at work, everything going okay I guess besides the fact that I’m chafing badly between my legs. I thought it might have been because of the short shorts I was wearing that day but boy was I wrong. Skip to a few weeks later and I can barely move. Can’t get out of bed, honest have no clue what’s happening to me but then it hits me. Now I know when something is wrong with my girl down below and when I say that yes, I am referring to my hooch. She was not looking good and instead of going to doctor my dumb ass just ignored it until I couldn’t bare it any longer. I went to the doctors the next day and I knew exactly what they were going to tell me. “What do you think it is?”, well if it weren’t obvious enough doc I think I’ve got herpes. She looked me right in the eye almost as if she could feel my pain. Now this was the start of my sad and depressing life, let me skip forward a bit more…

To be continued…

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