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I didn’t tell the truth to them that I am a gay/bisexual

Hi, I am writing this story about myself, just call me my nickname. “weng”

When I was a kid, I didn’t know about myself, I use to have a crush with on a guy and since when I was in high school. I dated so many guys but I never have feelings with them, though it’s just a crush on them, like a puppy love.

I had ex’s but it never last long maybe it because I got no feelings with them, I didn’t bother asking myself? I don’t feel anything, Well I guess, I never been in love with someone!

I went to college on my 1st year, I had a boyfriend, we went out, dating but I don’t have feelings for him and I tried to open my heart to find someone, but I couldn’t find, I don’t know what I want. Since I met my classmate and she was nice, kind and too quiet? I guess I am too loud being funny around my friends, and maybe I was curious about her, we became friends but not really close friend, just hi/hello. And I started to have thought about her, and fantasizing kissing her and I said, oohh… this is amazing, it feels good, but I still not sure about my feelings, and one day we started chatting and getting closure each other, and I have started developing feelings for her and after that we’re on relationship. She is my first kiss and I was totally lost, I cried and I don’t know what kind of feelings I felt, and I said, finally I know what I am, I am a bisexual then our relationship didn’t go well, we broke up and I never thought again to any girl.

On my 4th year college, I met my Ex-boyfriend. I never thought I’d fall in love with on a guy, everything was perfect but it crossed my mind. One day he will break my heart, and I was so scared.

I went to Australia to migrate and but I am not ready for him, I was too scared and our relationship was not getting good, and I decided to stop and I broke his heart, and after many months ago, I went dated so many guys but it didn’t work.

And I started hooking a girl, chatting online and I found this girl. I felt different, I fall in love with her and we are on relationship now.

I went back home to see her, and finally we met, and I talked about my girlfriend to my parent, relatives and friends, they’re not against my feelings , thy are happy who really I am and I guess my workplace thy don’t know about me, they always talked about me, about if when I’m getting a boyfriend, when I’m getting married and thy always hoping one day I will find someone. And here I am, I didn’t tell the truth to them that I am a gay/bisexual. I am not scared telling them but I’m always thinking how to start telling the truth.

Sometimes I find difficult to tell them, how to explain, how to start…! Maybe because I don’t want them to be sad, but of course one day I have to, but now I don’t have guts to tell them.

Please help me to have courage to open up, to bring it up, my real me.! Thank you…. (-_-) <3

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