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My boyfriend has anxiety and depression

My boyfriend has anxiety and depression. I care for him and I want to help him.

I knew he had anxiety when we first dated, and I accepted that part of him, I didn’t care because I loved him for who he was. He would tell me how he felt, and I would try my best to help him through his anxiety.

He also has depression. It’s not as prominent as anxiety, but lately it’s been really affecting him. He’s been struggling on a subject and he does try really hard to study, but when he can’t do a question, he panics and stresses out even more. I always give him words of encouragement and make sure that he knows that he’s loved and care for, but that isn’t enough. I’m not sure how else to help him. Does anyone have any advice for me?


  1. You’re awesome! You see what he can’t see. You see his anxiety and stress levels. That’s the first step to helping him. Keep those words of encouragement going. When you feel useless just know he would be worse without you. Don’t stress like him! Anxiety and stress come natural to us, let me mind you I’m not educated on stress and anxiety but I can give you some tips since I’ve been having anxiety and stress of my own. Keeping talking to him get his mind off whatever he’s stressing over, help him out physically, go on dates, work out together and basically show him he isn’t alone.

  2. Remind him to take breaks. Dont force yourself at a problem over and over again knowing that you arent gonna get anything out of it- only getting yourself more frustrated. And a bad grade isnt the end of the world. Work and your strong suits. Do things you enjoy- not just the procrastination kinda activities that occupy you but dont really make you happy.

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