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My love life is messed up

My love life is messed up. I have a boyfriend who I love dearly. More than 2 years we are dating, and things are really good. We both have our future planned too. He’s a real gentleman and a sweetheart. But that’s not my problem.

My problems are another guy, let’s say his name is Tom. Tom is my mother’s best friend’s nephew who came to my home with his aunt. They live a in different state. So, Tom met me 4 years back. We met just for a day and kept arguing over everything. But at the end of that day, he was flirting.

Soon we were texting on Facebook. He started having feelings for me and soon he said loved me. (Four years before I was dating). I but never felt anything for him. I told him that I can’t have a long-distance relationship too. Somehow, he got over that. But I that he’s still love with me till this day and I still ignore it.

Somehow, we are still in touch and we are good friends. So yesterday, he told me that there’s a girl crushing on him. He asked me if I should ask her out. I asked him why my opinion matters. He kept quiet. I encouraged him to ask her out. But ever since he’s been hanging out with her, he hardly is in touch and I feel jealous.

I know it’s bad and I can’t feel selfish like this, but a little part of me doesn’t want him to date her. My boyfriend knows about Tom. But I didn’t tell him about me being selfish. I just wish I knew what to do. For now, I’m just ignoring Tom and texting him to the minimum.

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