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I will always protect her from any situation

My name is Bibhu. I am 26 years old. My story is about my life that I suffer a lot. When I was 16 years old my dad passed away. I was alone with my mom.

My mom is everything for me because she gave me more than I need. Now in these days I feel hopeless at every side. I fall in love with a girl. My love is a 6-year-old. I loved her more than my life. But now she wants to leave me I don’t know why.

My life gives me more pain in my entire life. I always help her. I always care her to more than my life but now she behaves me like I am nothing for her. Now I am hopeless want to be die but I could not because of my mom. I will always protect her from any situation.

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  1. Let her go… Not everyone is entitled to see good heart… Just think from your mother side also.. she gonna feel the same if you attempt something stupid… Stay this time will also pass..

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