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He’s been out of my life for at least two years now

I can’t help but feel sort of empty inside. He’s been out of my life for at least two years now. To this day I still miss him. I frequently start talking to other people and try to distract myself from all the memories and thoughts.

But at the end of day I always end up thinking of how he made me feel and how happy we were. I still can’t find anyone to make me as happy as he did. Some part of me thinks he will always impact my life.

I hope he’s happy doing whatever he’s doing, where ever he might be, and I hope he’s safe.

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  1. Don’t loose the one who is there with you in your bad times.I did the mistake but i realised it was me who kept on holding on to him. And i forgot the one who could die for me . But today when he is not there i realise that it was me who lost everything when happiness was welcoming me.

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