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One mistake can destroy an individual’s relationship

I was corned to a rusty bar, full of decision, fear, love, and regrets. People around me are like a cold breeze of wind, whenever I go my life swiftly change direction. I don’t understand why people around me is treating me like this.

It hurts so much, even my families, relatives are fighting for one another, and especially the place that I am right now. It is really true that one mistake, can destroy an individual’s relationship. People I’ve been through are like that, they can’t forgive me anymore.

Regrets like that, I destroyed my own world and now it’s hitting me harder than I thought. I’m thinking of leaving without a trace, I won’t be notice anyway. I should pay for the problems I did and suffer from it.

I don’t have anyone right now, even the girl I loved hesitated to forgive me. She had a pride, and I know that I’m not the right one for her. For my mission to be accomplished, I just wanted her to have a successful life like she always told me. I want to see it before I go on my own.

My family… I can’t understand them. No expression, no motivation, not that I like to say this, but it’s unfair in my case. I’m like a last option, an object of what “they” want from me, controlling me, conquering everything that I want which is a result to what I am now. A person with fear, trauma, loneliness, and low self-esteem.

I am blessed with an ability to think straight even in this kind of situation, I won’t let myself killed or even think of a single rebellion. It would be best for myself to push bit by bit, into this bar, even if it hurts so much, even if anyone left me, I will try and try to move.

My primary plan may change, but my goal is still set to being free from this traumatic experience. I wanted to be freed from the eyes and ears of judgements. I wanted to be happy with my girl, hoping if she is still the one. Else if I can’t handle any of these terrors, please forgive me God for making quick decisions.

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  1. Hey buddy.I read your story.You only want love and peace.Stop thinking or feeling bad about what you did, we all do big mistakes but life doesn’t stops there.If you are born a poor not your mistake if u die with the same thing its your mistake.This bundle of pain is like that only.No us of holding onto anything that happened.Live for yourself.Trust me !!Life is beautiful ..and if u get this accomplished you will automatically achieve your goals.

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