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I wondered what it would be like to have a boy put his penis inside

I was 12 and my little brother was 11. My breasts were growing, and my vagina would get wet and aroused when I thought about what they had told me in school about how babies were made.

I had put my finger inside and that felt good, but I wondered what it would be like to have a boy put his penis inside.

Since I’d started my period a few weeks ago I sometimes really got a tingling between my legs and wanted to feel something inside me.

This particular Saturday afternoon mom and dad had gone shopping and I knew it would be a couple of hours before they came back. I got the idea of trying to get my brother to put his penis inside me.

I went to his room. He was lying on his bed. It was hot, and he only had a pair of shorts on. I was only wearing a long tee and my panty. I lay down beside him and said I want you to do something for me. What? I want to feel what it’s like to have a boy put his penis inside me, do you get hard?

He was a little embarrassed, but he said if he rubbed his penis it would get hard. He said he sometimes did this when no one was around and if he did it for a while he would have a great feeling like he had to pee, but nothing would come out.

I said, can you show me. He took his shorts down and began to rub his limp little penis. I could see it just start to get bigger. I asked if I could do that. He said Okay, so I put my hand around it and started to rub it.

It got a little bigger and harder almost right away.

By now, I was really wet and aroused, and I was pretty sure he was too young (particularly recalling what he had said about nothing coming out) to get me pregnant, so I slid up by tee and pulled down my panty and slid on top of him. I took his penis in my hand and guided it to the opening of my vagina. I let my hips ease down and my slippery vagina took his now hard penis all the way inside. It felt great.

I thrust up and down over his penis and he seemed to really like that. Pretty soon he started to jerk a little and grunt a little and I think he cummed. After that he got soft right away, and his limp penis wouldn’t stay inside me as I continued to thrust. I hadn’t cummed, but I rolled over and rubbed above my vagina until it happened. I don’t think he got any sperm inside me, but there were juices coming out of my vagina when I picked up my panty and went back to my room. We never said anything about that afternoon, but sometimes over the next weeks he would come into my room at night after mom and dad had gone to bed and we would do it some more. He was able to stay hard longer, and he made me come a couple of times.

Fortunately, I never got pregnant.



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  2. That’s inhumane you know you could actually go to jail because it’s called incest.

  3. When I was 14, I had to sleep in my 17 year old Sisters room with her while my Aunt and Uncle stayed the week.
    On the 2nd night, I had fallen asleep, but shortly after woke to my sister smoking a cigarette next to her open window and blowing the smoke out.
    I told her that she shouldn’t be smoking and that I should tell Mom. She freaked on me and begged me not to tell. I was always horny at 14 and told her if she got in bed under the covers naked and let me look that i would keep it a secret.
    She just laughed and instantly agreed.
    This was in 1977, and when she took her pajamas off, I was mesmerized at her nice medium sized tits, and thick brown bush.
    She got under the covers and asked me if i ever jacked off…I said of course and she then said she would jack me off if i wanted.
    I was a little freaked out, kind of like the barking dog catching the car, but she could see that I had a boner and pulled my pajama bottoms down and started jerking me. I got instantly super hard and she told me that i had a big dick FOR BEING ONLY 14…She then asked me if i wanted to rub my boner on her pussy lips and i said i would like to try that. She then rolled onto her back and spread her legs…She told me to just lay on top of her.
    I did and i could feel my dick on her pubic hair and she pulled the sheet over us and she told me to position my boner so it pointed toward her belly and just rest it on her lips and pump. I did that so we were essentially dry screwing but i could feel her vagina was very wet and slippery.
    Just as it was starting to feel really good she reached down and put my boner at the entrance to her pussy and it just went right in…to which i froze. She told me to keep pumping and so I started moving and pumping. I remember thinking at that moment that i am fucking a girl and i am no longer a geeky virgin I lasted all of maybe 20 seconds before i blew inside of her.
    She sort of chuckled and asked me if i liked it and I said that I loved it. She told me that she was on birth control so don’t worry and that I didn’t just get her pregnant. My Sister tricked me into being her accomplice, knowing that I could never tell Mom that she was smoking.
    The next day after getting home from school I told her I wanted to do it again, she just laughed at me and said no way.

  4. the creator and almost all of the commenters here are huge creeps.

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