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Going through all this had taxed me a lot emotionally

Few years back I didn’t know what one-sided love meant. But from the past two years I have learnt a lot. Well to be brief, a guy A is my classmate. In my college boys and girls should not talk to each other. So I never spoke to A. But after observing him I develop feelings for him.

At the same time a guy called B like me. He used to stare at me and he tried to touch me on a few occasions. As he did that I developed a cheap impression about him. So, after few days I realized that A doesn’t like anyone that way and he is a focussed person.

As it was a mere attraction I got over it easily. But at the same time, I fell for B. For a few days we liked each other but never spoke to each other. Then for a few days I was frustrated due to academic pressure and I used to hate going to college and even if I went there I used to have an angry expression on my face. And when I used to look at him I used to look at him with same expression. Obviously, he thought that I don’t like him. So, he started avoiding me or my eye contact. I tried to rectify my mistake. I sent him multiple friend requests on Facebook, but he didn’t respond.

I felt really sad because I liked him a lot. It affected me in all ways both a and as we were in same class I couldn’t avoid him. About the same time guy, A fell for me. But that time everyone knew that I liked B except B maybe. He was very nice guy, so he suppressed his feelings.

Going through all this had taxed me a lot emotionally. I promised myself that I will never fall in love but here am after 6 months caught in a more intense love triangle… I just hate myself right now. I feel to have meddled one of the guys life.

I don’t not know at will happen, but I am very sad now.

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