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It’s hard to be alone

I know how great it feels when you have best friend, hangout together and enjoy every moment with them, you could watch a scary movie together or talk about anything that is bothering you and many more.

I really envy the people who have true friends, I really want to feel how it’s like to have a friend. I am still waiting and hoping to find someone who can be my friend.

It’s hard to be alone, I feel jealous when I see two or more people are having fun and laughing but I’m not. I always eat lunch in my car because I have nobody to eat with. Um, so…

If you have true friend you should take care of them and keep them, you will not find them again if they gone…

Ah sorry if my English is bad.

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  1. When you do find a friend I want to advice you not to rush it as we think they are the right true friend but it won’t take long for them to back stab.

    Take you time choosing your best friend

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