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I know when people are interested in me

I am a truly evil person.

I know when people are interested in me.

I used it to trick many guys. Not for money or anything material, I just wanted them to fall for me, without saying anything slutty, without acting all seducing or anything. I just knew what they wanted to hear and said it. When they got themselves the courage to confess, I rejected them. Saying I never saw them “that way” because I didn’t.

I’ve never went out with anyone. I never got myself a boyfriend, although I could have if I wanted to. But I didn’t. I was in a one sided love, and kept it to myself.

The day when I confessed, just for the reason to get it off of my chest, was the day I lost interest in the person I was “in love with”.

I can know what people are thinking about. Or at least I could guess. My guesses are most likely to be correct. And I don’t even use that in something productive. Just to prove myself I am right when I successfully “make” a person act the way they assume they do, and it usually ends up with hurting them. Which is not my intention. I do not enjoy hurting them, just being right.

But I am still, a truly evil person.

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