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Do you believe in love at the first sign?

Do you believe in love at the first sign? I do believe that I can hate someone at the first time I see them, but that is just me. I have a girlfriend, and we have been dating for 6 years now, and in that 6 years I never had another feeling for any other girl, until I met one.

I met this girl through my friend, and she was the one that a friend of mine ask me for the advice to talk to her. I gave him advice, and they started dating. The first day I met her was at my friend’s house, and I knew something was wrong inside of me; I got a feeling for her even it was my first time met her. I knew that I was a bad guy for doing this; got a feeling for my friend’s girlfriend while I already have a girlfriend!!!

Time passed, I met her a couple times more when her and her boyfriend called me to hang out with them. Then, I and her boyfriend started to work together at one place, and I started to see her more and more, and I was sure that I got a feeling for her. I then tried my best to avoid her for 1 year until the day I met her again at lunch with my friend, and my heart started to beat fast again. I felt like I was a completed asshole.

I knew it was so wrong, but I couldn’t help because heart just got beating faster and faster. When I saw her face on that day with her boyfriend; I knew something was wrong between them two, so I started to send her funny snapchat every day to cheer her up, and that day finally came. They broke up, and she told me about it. I felt so sad because I saw her cried. I tried my best to help her during this time, and my feeling for her was getting bigger, bigger days after days. I started to ask myself, who do I like? My current girlfriend which we have been dating for 6 years or a girl who I got a feeling from the first time I saw her??? I know, I am trash, I am so sorry for having another feeling for another girl, but right now I can’t do anything, and the pains in my heart start to turn into the physical pains. I can’t sleep at night because my head is turning around, my heart keep beating faster because I see her every time I close my eyes. I don’t want to lie to myself and my current girlfriend, but I don’t want to hurt my girlfriend either because I know she loves me a lot. I am a loser….

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  1. you are not a loser so in this case you should tell your current girlfriend that you love someone else , don’t lie don’t hide the things which your facing because it hurts more as you lie hurts more than truth , i know its very hard to say but you have to and you should, she might be hurt but you can’t say lie please tell the truth and try to explain what is going on your head because if you don’t then you can’t live peacefully see there are three life your . your current girlfriend and you that girl because she is broke so i think i am not too much good at solving problems but you should try everything and so i all the best 🙂

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