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Why I quit my job

Literally walked out of my job due to poor management.

It blows my mind that I did this, knowingly because I am not a “quitter.” I just couldn’t take another day of seeing my manager drop kick trashcans screaming at the top of his lungs like he was coming down from a wrecked cocaine binge.

I had to peace out.

I have a lot of anxiety around people (I know, everyone’s a victim), and I can’t go back to working with food and burnt out adults.

Not one adult in that place functions without the help of a narcotic, opiate, or alcohol. Hell, there was a young lady that would show up high on acid while serving! Kudos for her, I couldn’t have done that. It’s sad that even the dishwashers OD in the bathroom and you tell an authoritative figure and, in desperation to keep the fucked-up individual instead of hiring/training a new employee (money makes the world go around)……

IGNORE the problem!!! I lost my father from a heroin overdose, and watched him deteriorate before my eyes daily, I can’t be around this anymore.

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