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My dad became the most important people in my life

I’m going to try to make it brief, I have commitment issues and issues with opening up to people because for the first few years of my life, my sister and I were raised in a rural undeveloped country by our 18 year old cousin who happened to be kind of rough with us, nothing too serious though.

Before that, when my mom was actually with us, she would do drugs (she did drugs when she was pregnant with the both of us) and she would hang with her low-life fake friends who were the people that influenced her bad and later in life stole her money.

Anyway, my mom wasn’t so bad though, she truly loved us, but it was kind of obsessive to the point that she developed OCD the paranoid type of it.

She wouldn’t let us go to school and she would think that the fast food we got was poisoned so she wouldn’t eat from it until she made sure it’s safe by watching us eat it and she affected my dad terribly because he was in a marriage with her, he used to be abusive back when he was married to my mom, after he divorced her and deported her back to her country.

My dad became the most important people in my life and now life is so much better and yeah, I still keep contact with my mom through the phone if u were wondering, though sadly I’m not close with her anymore but generally my life is normal now.


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  1. Abusive people never change, don’t be tricked.
    Chances are if the abusive person will come to do the same thing to you.
    I’m just weary, don’t be shocked.
    I’ve lived with abusive people.
    It’s their tactic to make you think they act normal.
    Be careful.

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