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I lost all my friends in grade 8

When I started the 8th grade I did not think that year was going to go like it did. That year I had my heart broken so many times. But the worst part of that year was the day I lost my best friends.

In the end of April my best friend tried to kill herself, she did this because a random person was bullying her and stalking her. It got way out of hand and caused her and her boyfriend to break up. She was very depressed, but she hid it so well none of us saw it coming. The day I found out she lived was a good and bad day. That day was the day I lost all of my friends because most people at the school spread a rumor about me saying I was the one behind the page. I tried everything to make people believe it was not me, but no one cared. And to this day I am not allowed to talk to her and if I so much as look at her everyone gives me a dirty look.

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