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I just need to be judged and I need someone’s advise

I’ve been going through a painful brake up, it hurts and I hate it.

I am still in love with that girl deeply, as soon as we left each other she started going out and meeting all these new people, so I meet a man that just wants to love me and take care of me and I can’t let him.

2 months have passed since I got with him and since I am bisexual he has decided to let me have a girl on the side, he then decided to let her move in.

So I live with my man and my girl, I don’t know how to love these people I have told them both how I feel about our relationship and how I feel about my ex and they both understand but I know I’m hurting both of them and that’s the last thing I wannabe doing cause they are both great people.

I just need to be judged and I need someone’s advise on what to do!

I can’t get my ex out of my head, I want her back! HELP ME!!!

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  1. Ok calm down first… Your mind is playing tricks on you… Look if she don’t want to be in relationship there is nothing you can do about it.. it’s not about that girl it’s always about the insecurity she leaves for you… I know it’s painfull… I can understand your vulnerability too… Hope you will get through this…

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