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I think that my crush likes my friend. I…

I think that my crush likes my friend. I am not sure…okay! It just seems that he doesn’t have any interest in me and yes of course why would he even like me; I am an ugly girl with acne scars. I can bet that he doesn’t even wish to look at me.

He studies in my class. We never talk since I never showed him or anyone else that HE IS MY CRUSH. I didn’t even wish for him to like me. However, today, when my friend told me that he went to her and talked a lot and was KINDA….flirting. Arghh……..I don’t want this feeling. Someone please take this away.

Two days ago, I loved myself, and now… I started to feel that there must be something wrong with me. These crushes really make your life hell. Never mind…. The thing is: I want to live my life the way I was living it before: not showing someone that I like him, keeping things to myself, loving myself, and doing my work.

By the way, his name is David.

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