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I love you so much

Hello, my name is Kreshma and I’m 20 years old virgin. I’m from Afghanistan in my country every girl must to be virgin till their marriage. But my bad luck I grew up in Kyrgyzstan I think different, and my history is a love story back there in high school. I had a crush on someone he was popular when I told him I like him. He said you are so fat and ugly haha, and I noticed no one likes me at school.

After 5 years I moved to USA and I started working and I met a guy (Seth) he was first guy who said I’m cute, but after one month I noticed he is just a psychopath.

Then I lost weight and one day at my work place first time I saw him (Seyed) everyone called him just Seyed he was Iranian. I started following him how he eats how he works he was perfect handsome smart cute and one day he came to me and started talking to me my friend told him that I like him and he took my number that day.

We started talking and at work taking our lunches together and finally we went on a date and I kissed him. We went on two or three dates after that we decided to have sex, but when we tried to have sex I got nervous because I don’t suppose to have sex before marriage and he didn’t do it to me.

Then he stopped talking to me. I got sad then one of my co-workers (Rony) started coming close to me he said he likes me. I was in pain. I started hanging out with him and one day he said he loves me I couldn’t reject him but after some months, I wanted to tell him I don’t love him because I still have feelings for (Seyed) but (Rony) his mom got cancer and he got really poor. I did not tell him anything.

Then after 6 months (Seyed) texted me and asked me if I want to hang out I was so happy. I felt like I was in heaven I said yes, even I knew that he just wanted sex. I was ready to give it to him because I love him so much. But next day he texted me he said I cannot make it something came up.

I was shocked and later same day my co-worker (Erika) texted him he said he is at home about to sleep and he fixed date with her.

Now I have broken heart and (Rony) I don’t know what to do to him.

I’m crying every night I never can have who I want. (Seyed) I love you very much.

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  1. Never date a guy who pressures you into sex.
    Guys that do that are dirtbags that like to use your emotions to get what they want.
    They’re psychopaths.
    Seyed sounds like a dirtbag if he didn’t contact you because you didn’t want to have sex.
    Trust me, this kind of guy is not good.
    Turn your heart off towards him, a good guy would be understanding and gentlemanly.
    Not mess with you and date your friend.
    You dodged a bullet, find someone else.

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