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I’m her dirty slut and I love it

I am my girlfriend’s bitch. Yesterday she dressed me in her panties, bent me over her knee and spanked me until my butt was red. Then she cuffed me to the bed and rode my face until she came.

After that she made me get on my knees and beg to lick her ass. She then grabbed my hair and forced my face between her ass cheeks. After she came again she put on her 7-inch strap on, pushed me onto all fours and made me beg for her cock up my ass.

She fucked me and spanked me while telling me what a whore I was. Finally, she flipped me onto my back and jerked me off before making me eat my own cum. I’m her dirty slut and I love it.


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  1. She shouldn’t have let you cum. Should have ruined you after making you watch her get pounded by a real man

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