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How I was saved, just before I attempted suicide

When I was thirteen, I started cutting, it’s a young age, but I was going through lots of stuff. My parents were going to divorce, my sister was in hospital and I was being bullied in school. I was bullied because I am over weight. I try to help my obesity, but I end up failing every time.

One day, a few weeks after my sister went into hospital (she was still in there), I couldn’t take it anymore, a bully had called me a horrible name, that I could never repeat. As soon as I got home, I went out into my yard (I lived on 5 acres near the bush and very far away from the town area. I went into my shed, grabbed a long bit of rope, and walked over to a tree, it was at least 3 stories tall.

It took me about half an hour to climb it, when I got to the part I wanted, I sat down and leaned against the trunk part. I made a make-shift noose, I tied it to the branch, sobbing uncontrollably, as I went to put it around my neck and jump, I heard a shout from down below “Don’t! Stay there! Please!” It was my neighbour. He had seen me from his house, I don’t know how, I guess it was the miracle. He was my age.

He climbed the tree with incredible speed, as soon as he got up to me, he took a pocket knife and cut my noose. “It’s not worth it to suicide, I want you to climb down with me” I, still sobbing, nodded slowly, and climbed down with him, as we were about 1 story from the ground. He put his hand up to help me. He lost his balance doing so, he fell. I screamed, loud, his parents heard, my parents heard, the neighbours behind us heard. They all came rushing over, by the time they got there, I had climbed down and was sobbing over him, covering his body with mine.

His mother, screamed, and fainted, luckily her husband caught her. My dad called an ambulance, and the neighbours, all had to grab me, I was screaming and kicking, trying to get to this boy who had just saved my life, and I didn’t even know his name. They pulled me inside and sat me down, they asked me what happened, I told them he fell out the tree. That’s all I said. He was taken to hospital, he had broken his collar bone and that’s all I was told, eventually when he got out, we hugged each other, for an hour and a half. I knew I loved him them, and I told him so, we started dating. And we’ve been together ever since, he saved my life and I love him for that, but not only that, he is amazing. I wanted to share this story, because tomorrow, after fifteen years of loving him, I’m going to marry him. And it’s the best decision I’ve ever made.

I love you Matt, more than anything in the world, you are my rock, you kept me alive, you are the reason I’m here today.

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