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You made me happy and I think you deserve someone better who shows you a lot of love

I’m here to share my love story. In 2011 I met this amazing guy who used to work with me. We became good friends, we got to know each other better and that grew up to be a 4-year relationship. I was happy, but then love ran out.

He wasn’t the same anymore and he decided to end the relationship. Feeling alone, depressed, and sad, I looked into dating sites and decided to meet guys there. I guess it was my fear of being alone that I tried to find someone to replace my ex’s place.

I met this guy, we started hanging out, and when I thought everything was going well… He breaks up with me because his ex-came back to him.

Heartbroken again, I fell into depression, and the fear of being alone came back. Went back to the dating cites to look for dates, met couple guys and that made a total of 9 blind dates.

The 9th guy was younger than me, we went out a couple times and we decided to start dating. He seemed so into me that he would come all the way from NY to NJ to see me. (Yes, I live far). We had planned trips together and we told each other how happy we were together.

Then I started noticing that he wasn’t talking much. He seemed different. We had plan a date to go have breakfast and movies and he was coming to see me. That day I wake up, got ready and was waiting for him to text me that he was on his way. He then texts me saying he had woken up late and that he might have to take a later bus and that he also wanted to go back home early because he wanted to watch this show he couldn’t miss. I agreed.

Then thinking he was on his way, he texts me saying “I’m sorry Jessi, but I want to break up with you. I just don’t feel the same way as I used to when we met. You made me happy and I think you deserve someone better who shows you a lot of love. Please get a refund for the reservation you made for us, if not let me know I’ll wire you the money and please eat breakfast. I’m sorry”. At this point I feel like I should stop looking for love and let things be.

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