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Lord please, don’t let him jump

A couple of hours prior to this, my eyes were witnessing a young man who wanted to end his life.

He got up onto a ledge and you could see a controversy occurring inside his very head.

It was a battle.

A continuous war.

That could’ve ended everything.

Every few seconds he would flinch as if to jump over the ledge that would’ve sent him falling down three floors.

But he held back.

I was viewing through a glass window.

It felt like a few moons had passed but really it lasted few critical seconds.

I couldn’t do much and there was already three golden souls gently telling him to get down.

I felt the urge to run and grab him when i caught myself saying a short simple prayer; “lord please, don’t let him jump” i repeatedly said this whilst my hand grasped onto chest and my face shocked to the core.

I felt like that was enough, because he never took the leap.

And praise god for security who got him down before his brain decided otherwise.

They dragged him away and as they did, the stranger who attempted to hit the delete button on everything shouted some words but we couldn’t hear a thing because he was on the other side of the glass but we managed to make out the three, short words that was said;

“…i want to die”

My good friend later told me that before as we were walking to a public bench to eat our fourteen pad thai he stared at her.

To me, he was soul searching.

Maybe if anyone had noticed him and gave a smile he wouldn’t of decided to get up onto the glass barrier.

I’ve seen bad things.

But never did i ever see someone decide whether to cut their life short or not.

Part of me wanted to know how this stranger got to a point in his life where he thought he had nothing else to live for.

The other part was moved, urging me to do something.

Today made me realise 3 things today;

  1. Life is precious. You have plenty to live for.
  2. Always be there for one another. You never know what they’re going through. No matter the differences that are used to separate us, we are all in this together.
  3. God is good.

I got home and i shed tears for this stranger i had never met in my life.

This soul crushing event was witnessed by other strangers at the shopping mall.

I wonder if they’ve given a second thought about this man.

I am ever grateful that i know the lord. I want to share his love with strangers like that man today.

I am so glad he didn’t end his life.

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