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What actually we mean by love?

What actually we mean by love?

Why do we often get confused by infatuation? Love means to care every day, a promise of not leaving each other people often leave their love ones because they get bored, cause the spark has gone. Wait! this ain’t love.

How it feels to be left in the middle, how it feels when the promises that were made to you were never fulfilled. How it feels when you are not able to move on because you are so much in love, but that person already moved on.

How it feels when he leaves you saying he cannot handle a relationship but very next day fall in love with a girl.

How it feels to see your three years relationship destroys upfront of your eyes.

How it feels when comeback he cannot live without you, wants to have a future with you but after 1 month see no future with you.

It hurts when the person we thought was perfect do cheap works. It hurts to know I made a wrong decision

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