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I am actually having really good grades

I’m always left out. I am a student. I am actually having really good grades. But everyone always left me out. My best friends are only with me when I am the only person there. The rest of the time they are not with me. Tried to ask them for attention but no. I feel like a friend dummy.

As normally people like me are excluded because we are different. I can say that I am a male that only have 1 friend that is a female. I always get bullied for that. Now, onwards, today I heard that there was a birthday party, and everyone was invited, girl and boy.

Except me of course! I am always excluded as I say so. Guess what they said as an excuse. “I forgot about your existence.” WOW! How is this even possible, they see me every day, getting academic awards, in front of the stage. That is a horrible excuse. Now here’s the part, I have no one to talk to about this problem. I would feel embarrassed to talk to it to a teacher or parent. So here I am on the web!

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