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How unlucky can a 16-year-old be?

I am a 16-year-old girl. I belong to a lower middle-class family. My mom is 61 and my dad is 63, and yes, they r senior citizens. Actually, I was born very late so there is so much age difference. I don’t have any siblings, brothers, or cousins. I am the only child and also don’t have any relatives in contact. So, it’s like me, my mom, and my dad alone in this whole world.

Right now, my mom is suffering from blood cancer and she is hospitalized. My dad is having asthma, but he is also not well. How unlucky can a 16-year-old be! I am still a teen, I want my parents to live long, I want their guidance, I want their support. There would be more hurdles in my life when I become old. Who would come to support me and give me advices and pampers me? No one! Okay. Tell me one thing, what a 16-year-old girl wish for at that age.

I think 98 out of 100 are having friends, best friends, parties, group, nice clothes and accessories, boyfriends and the most importantly parents. I do have parents, but I think I will lose them soon… I don’t have a true friend, not a best friend, not a good friend or not even a friend. I am in a high school. I wake up in a morning, takes breakfast and some milk and leave for the school at 7:30 am (even sometimes I don’t do breakfast because we don’t have that much money to afford 3-time meal).

I don’t have any vehicle, but I have a bicycle which I got from my maternal uncle who is no more. When I reach there, everyone laughed at me saying rubbish about me. I used to seat in a corner on the classroom with whole bench empty. Only me and my bench and my books. In the lunch break, I used to pick up an empty table and seat there with no friends to talk with. I always had my eyes and head down. Or even sometimes I used to go to washroom and eat there.

It’s not that I don’t want to make friends. I always approach myself with others and try to strike a conversation with them. But all they do is just bully me! They say I stink a lot and don’t want to talk with me (actually I don’t. They just don’t want to be my friends) Or they start commenting on my clothes and looks and starts laughing. I don’t know why they don’t want me as their friend? Is it my financial condition? Or is it my looks? Does money and beauty that important in this world?

After coming home, I look after my mom and dad and my phone. I am still not in any WhatsApp group. No messages on my Instagram account. No friends on my Facebook page. I know social media is not that important factor but try to think from the point of view of a 16-year-old child! My classmates are having party every weekend in which I’m never invited. In fact, I have hardly been in a party when I was 12.

Every classmate of mine had been in a relationship while I’m not having one till now. Okay leave that, in fact I don’t have a friend with whom I can share things. All wish for, that they would be having a great bash on their sweet 16. Having a great party, food, pizza, and all. While when I was having my B-Day no one wished me except my parents. I was literally lying on my bed, waiting for someone to wish me happy birthday or a phone call. But no one did. I am not comparing myself to others, but I am just telling the fact that am I that much alone? I don’t have anyone in my life rather than parents? If my parents will pass away, then for whom do I live? Is there any reason to live? How unlucky can a 16-year-old be?


  1. Idk what to say about this but life does not always goes the way we want it. And sometimes it’s better so. But have patience and you’ll find and seek. Ik hope better Times are ahead of you???

  2. i feel bad for you girl…..but always remember that there must be someone living a worse life than you

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