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My life sucks as I know it

Hello, where to begin? My life sucks as I know it. Everything that could go wrong has, but my biggest question is what did I do to deserve such a horrible life? Will I ever be happy? Can I ever BE happy? Let’s start with what on my mind right now! Why do I have to have so much problems I’m 100% sure that I have all of the following in the list below:

1. Bi-polo disorder
2. anxiety
3. add/adhd
4. depression
5. molestation
6. suicidal

Could probably go on and on about the problems I have. Trust me when I say I know I’m crazy I always will be if I have any say in it. I embrace my issues and resolve them all by spiritual time outs. I will forever be this broken damaged girl that no guy can possibly understand because every man in my life has left so I have no trust or faith in men anymore and it sucks, I wish I could change everything but at this point I’m so over life and just want someone to care enough to tell me everything is going to be okay. I will go more into detail with all more problems after I get back in the habit of typing a lot of words. STAY TUNED

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