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When i think of the day i lost my virgit …

When I think of the day that I lost my virginity, I just want to cry. I lost my virginity last year Feb when I was only 19 years of age. I lost it to the guy I loved so dearly, but he broke my heart. We’ve been dating for about 10 months. A few weeks after this we started falling apart. It hurts me so much because I was planing to loose my virginity at the age of 21, but then I loved hm so much


  1. Really why wait to 21 , go enjoy yourself, losing your virginity is just a step in life , its not important , you havnt lost anything but gained a new experience , for Gods sake stop thinking about it and putting importance to it, go and enjoy your life. 

  2. I hated how I lost my virginity too. But I agree with the person before me: don’t think of it as something bad cause it’s just a new experience. Be happy that you did it for love.

  3. well i’m still a virgin. you’re worrying cause you did it with him or after that he broke your heart ?

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