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I think I’m becoming alcoholic

I’m lonely. And I think I’m becoming an alcoholic.

Girl, 27 years old (in a week).

I just need someone to talk to. Not about some news or where is the best place to get your nails done. I want to talk about something that really matters.

About goals and fears. About success and failures. About beauty and misery. About nature. About stress. About love and hate. About depth of human soul.

When I feel need in this kind of conversation, I grab a bottle of wine and go home, watch some movies. Cause I can’t find anyone who is interested in sharing some personal stuff.

It happens more and more often, and now I drink two or three bottles of wine per week.

And I don’t want to be an alcoholic…

I don’t want to be lonely…

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  1. you don’t need to just relax and be alone for sometime, get out think about new things to do things you never done before do you have bf anyone you love man in your life? take photos with him wear something nice to look good in his eyes and post it to know that you can have it all you don’t have man ? you still have your beauty to look good you can get new hair color and get new good photos too, have dreams buy new things like good smells get your room for new colors live it eat best food know that too much drinking make you look older so not

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