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BLM has totally hacked my life

So, I did a Black Lives Matter protest a couple weeks ago, and ever since then, my life’s been a living hell. I think some vigilante group that hates BLM has totally hacked my life. They follow me everywhere, they totally hacked my computers, and I think they’re trying to plant drugs or something on me to frame me up. They’re using low frequency sonic weapons against me, the same type that injured the diplomats in Cuba. They’re creating constant loud sounds around my house, so I won’t be able to sleep or concentrate. It’s even worse when I leave the house. I’m scared to leave the house. I’m losing weight as well.

Never did I imagine that BLM was this hated, or that protesting would totally destroy my life. I thought I was just doing a solid civic service. I think they’re trying to drive me to commit suicide, but I’m not going to oblige.

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