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I asked Jesse to ask Sophia if her and I could be friends again

So, Feb 18th, 2016, I made a friend, her name was Sophia. Sophia and I we’re very good friends and soon became best friends, and then the year was coming to an end, and we were so happy about being in the same class next year, at least that’s what we thought. Anyway, so they were reading out the classes for next year, and we heard my name. We were so excited to hear our names called out together, but all of a sudden, we didn’t hear Sophia’s name. Then it moved on to the next class, and we heard Sophia’s name, with all of my best friend it. So I was in a class with nobody, and she was in a class with practically everybody I had a relationship with. Great. So, moving on, it’s the next year. I go into the class with nobody but myself, and my cousin’s friend/crush. So, then I met these two boys, Jesse, and Charlie, but that’s another story, well, at least Charlie is. So, then Charlie and Jesse and I had a huge fight and Jesse and I weren’t friends with Charlie anymore.

So then, in term 2, I introduced Jesse to Sophia, in the other grade. They didn’t get along that well at the start, but they slowly became close friends. But, my old friend from year 2, Sienna, came along and Jesse and I really liked her, better than Sophia. So, every day we would make up excuses to not hangout with her which was really dumb because she was an amazing friend to us and we just didn’t realize how lucky we were at the time to have such a loyal, caring, nice friend.

So, then time passed, and then came the next year. Year 5. Oh wow, such a HORRIBLE year 2018 is, in fact we’re still in it. So, I wasn’t in a class with any of my friends, wow. and I still haven’t made any friends in my class to this day. Such great social skills. So, let’s just skip ahead the year to year 5 camp. So, camp was… interesting. So, this was the time when I became friends with Sophia again, oh and I don’t think I mentioned this, but Sophia and I weren’t friends after that. So, let me explain how we became friends again. So, Sophia somehow showed sympathy to Jesse and then they became friends at camp. And then, I kind of wanted to be Sophia’s friend again, because Jesse always sat with her and stuff and because I really missed her. So, I asked Jesse to ask Sophia if her and I could be friends again and she said yes! So, then we became friends again and now we’re BFFs again and we hang out with each other every day! So that’s all I can write, because it’s 2:00am in the morning and I have school tomorrow, so bye!

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