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First time I realised that some goodbyes are really very hard to say

A never-ending night ….
It’s about 3 months ago that we met, I still remember, he was wearing blue denim shirt. And yesss… He was looking handsome. But that’s also true that I don’t have any second thoughts for him.

We were four. Me, my friend, he, and his friend. Lol. I know sounds funny the way I described.

We went to a cafe for dinner. We ordered honey chilly potato. Everyone had that. Except him. And no one asked him to have. I felt awkward. So, I asked him to have some. But he refused… After some time, I again asked him. But he again refused. I was worried. Not because he is not having anything. But because why I am asking him again and again…. !!!!!!

Gosh…!!! It was a big question mark for me.

Then we spend time together in a 24*7 shop. As our friends left us there alone. And we were strangers don’t even know each other… Both were quiet… just passing smiles to each other… Off course. What else can two strangers do alone ??????

We came across chocolate section. As I can’t resist myself seeing chocolate. So, my eyes were filled with hearts when I saw so many chocolates together… But unfortunately, 🙁 I couldn’t eat as I was on diet… Probably he was noticing me… When I was noticing chocolates. lol. Yes, I know he was noticing… As he suddenly asked. ” do you want to have a chocolate”???

I do not know why I felt so good when he asks me this. Probably I was expecting the same…

Then we had a talk… Just a normal talk… Butt butt buttt…. Our friends arrived, and we need to go… But to be true I never want them to come. As I was feeling good with him… But it was the time to say good bye as they were about to drop me to my place… And that was the saddest time… First time I realised that some goodbyes are really very hard to say…. 🙁 as was in my case….

Though he went away… But whole night he was there in my memories, in my thoughts…

That was really a never-ending night for me…. I still cherish those few hours which I had with him in the store….

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