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He put his hands down there and I whimpered out “it hurts”, he said “it will feel good in a minute”

I just saw this quote “it’s not consent if you make me afraid to say no” and I have never read something more accurate and relatable in my entire life.

I’ve lived the last three years of my life reliving it in my head saying it’s my fault. I said yes after all? I was terrified in that moment. I was 16 years old. Never been in that situation before. He started to unbutton my jeans and I tried pushing his hand away, but I wasn’t strong enough “I don’t want to do this” I said… “you’ll change your mind in a minute” he replied he pulled my legs closer to him, so he could push my shoulders back to the truck seat and laid on top of them, so I couldn’t move. He did have a foot and a hundred pounds on me after all.

I tried backing away, but there wasn’t anywhere to go. He put his hands down there and I whimpered out “it hurts” he said “it will feel good in a minute” he stole my innocence from me that night. But it’s my fault. I gave in. I didn’t try hard enough to get him off me. I didn’t say no. Because I was scared. I was a 16-year-old girl who was sheltered from the world with a grown man twice my size pinning me down. So, I gave in. In fear of what he might do if I resisted. So, they say it’s my fault. But it’s not consent if he made me too afraid to say no.

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  1. You did what you had to do. Welcome to womanhood. Keep spreading those legs.

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