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To other people I was known to be in the “popular” section

I honestly don’t know how to start this. But here is where it all started… I finally got to middle School, and I thought it was all fun and things. But things started to change. There were so many categories. Like the “nerds” popular” and “bad girls” etc… To other people I was known to be in the “popular” section. And I felt good about it.

But over time, I started to not feel good about it. Me (used to be good friends) apparently in the popular section. But she started to change her appearance and ever…. We never real hung out anymore… Starting 7th grade, she was the most “popular” everyone felt like she had more power than anyone and I got super upset and jealous. I wanted everything that she had. She had no acne she had a butt she had the hair and every guy liked her. I just felt useless and felt like ugly…. I got REALLY jealous and mad. Next year is 8th grade, and I hope everything is different. More easy, more com about my attitude and appearance.

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