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I still don’t understand how people fall in love

Hello Diary,

Since I was little I have always wondered what love is. I still don’t understand how people fall in love. What it feels to fall in love with something or someone. Whenever I say this to someone, they ask me, ” Don’t you love your parents?”. I guess that is a legit question to ask, but still, I have always been with them.

Since the time I remember my childhood, there have been two people always holding my hand, my parents. I guess the answer is I do love my parents because I have been with them from the start. I feel safe and cared for and I guess that is love. I don’t know if there is a different kind of love that you feel towards different people. I don’t know if I love my friends or even my relative. I mean if they get hurt I would feel sad that they got hurt, but I would feel sad if anyone got hurt. I don’t even know if anything I am writing right now makes sense but there is always this confusion in my mind that I don’t know how to put it into words and where to seek answers for.

I guess the only feeling that I would consider love that I have felt is towards my puppy. I got him 7 months ago and I feel happy when I am around him. Being with him makes me happy and my heart aches when I think about losing him, but why do I only feel this way towards my little dog?  All my life I have never been sure of anything. I still don’t know what my favourite colour is, what my favourite food is, what kind of movies I like the best. I have seen people around me who seems to be sure about everything. It seems like that they know who they are and what they want in life. But, why do I feel so clueless. What do I need to do to know who I am and what I want?

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  1. Just take your time in your life Ans things will unfold before you as time passes by

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