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Say Love with Piattos

I’ve been feeling dreary in recent days which means I’ve entered into depression territory again. I haven’t done much from my list of things to-do. Or wait, have I written a things to-do list lately? No. Ugh. One of the nicest things I can remember doing lately is watching the movie The Darkest Hour which is about British Prime Minister Winston Churchill’s role in the defeat of German Nazi leader Adolf Hitler and his army during WWII. I got interested about the movie because my boyfriend told me what he saw about Churchill in the movie that he finds similar about me: that is, we love our beds. Yes, you see Churchill and I share quite a few things in common because of bipolar disorder. Anyway, I’ll save that up for another entry.

The real reason I got inspired to write at this moment is because I wanted to express how much I feel loved and taken care of. I don’t really feel good lately but when I crave for my comfort food, I’d surely feel like in cloud nine even for just a few minutes. I know it sounds like not a big deal but asking my boyfriend to buy me Piattos with C2 or Coke in the nearby store and he yielding to my request three times makes me feel like the luckiest girl in the universe. I know, I know it’s nothing out of the ordinary but having that someone who would get you anything just to see you happy is something I’d like to record in this journal and remember for the rest of my life.

I also like to share this with you because I hope that out of the mundane you would see little things that will make you stop and smile. There is truly something to be happy and thankful for.

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