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I paid £300 odd pounds for a personal trainer

I just thought I’d come on here to let my thoughts out. Honestly, my life is good. If people knew my life they’d ask why I’m complaining but honestly, I’m that girl that smiles and is always happy. I keep my thoughts to myself.

Lately, I’ve just been feeling down and I don’t know what about (& no I am not on my monthly) lol. I work, I have a car, I have an amazing family but I’m just not happy. There’s so much I want to change. Firstly, I’d love to meet my soulmate. Someone that I could share all my thoughts with. Someone I can laugh with and share memories with.

I don’t like my figure. I’m not fat but my body is not where I want it to be. Nowhere near. The thing I mostly am depressed about is that I signed with a personal trainer I paid £300 odd pounds and I just don’t know why. I want to prove everyone wrong and show that I can take control of my own life, I just hope it all works out for. I’m currently broke and have no money.

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