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I’m going to kill myself tonight

I’m going to kill myself tonight. I can’t wait until the time is right and my mom finds my body hanging in the morning. Just thought I’d share.


  1. I would like to say Don’t do it. I don’t know how much pain and suffering did you go through and I know I have no right to tell you what to do but still I will tell you please don’t do it. I know nothing about you and I am just a stranger on the internet for you but when I saw this I couldn’t stop myself from writing these words. Please rethink it at least once more, give it at least one more day, never loose hope.

  2. Hee listen plz Don’t do this. You won’t know the pain you will inflict on your mom?!?? And on yourself… You have a whole future ahead of you plz Don’t give up. There are people who care about you. I care and I don’t even know you. Plz m8 don’t give up.

  3. I really hope this is a joke or yo I aren’t being serious. Hopefully this is just a cry for help. It was be so devasting if you actually are or took your life. I hope you see this, but please don’t do anything. Your life will get better, God has so much planned for you. Please don’t do this to your family or to yourself. You are worth so much more than you think.

  4. It takes more courage to live than to die. You’ve probably suffered a lot and gone through lot of pain, but here you are, still standing. Don’t waste the journey you had coping with the hard assets of life, only in the darkness you can see the light.
    You’ve been brave during painful moments don’t die a coward, continue your journey, ask for help and you shall find peace eventually.

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