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My boyfriend broke up with me a month ago

My boyfriend broke up with me a month ago and as I was trying to move on he came back and I was happy having his presence in my life but we started fighting because I didn’t trust him and he never had time for me.

I was so alone but then we broke up again 3 days ago and now I don’t know what to do I’m so stupid I told him I will go see him and he live 600kms away from me and he told me that he does not want to meet me I feel so insulted and I cry every day I can’t concentrate on my studies nor my life I loved him so much but I don’t know what I want now. I’m just so hurt.


  1. ahat you want , and what you need are likely in conflict right now. It’s your decision ultimately, so I can’t really tell you with absolute certainty what you should do aside from your answer already that your feelings and hormones and emotions side of you would prefer to ignore, and that is to stick with your studies for now.

    Thats probably why education can continue forever and ever. There are those that choose to listen to hormones and feelings first in life and end up pregnant and then it iust becomes more complicated to pursue school if you go that route.

    If I read you pretty clearly , and im not being biased or projecting my female baggage I would say this sounds a lot like hormones and pms.
    That doesnt change the fact you have a decision , a choice to make and while I myself got tired of school , high school, then community college, and ran away with someone I met in a class , I now wish I had not done that and dropped classes. It’s never too late to find love and or get your degree etc. or have both.
    There is so much to be learned from in both

  2. When I broke up with my Gf almost a year ago I felt the same as you. But as hard as it sounds life goes on. And ask yourself. Why did we broke up in the 1st place? Don’t remember only the good Times but also the bad Times and do fun things finish your study. A diploma is forever but a bf or gf OR not always forever. And if you fail at your studies you Will be mad with yourself for the rest of your life. Thrust me when I broke up with her and tried to get back with her She had An other within 2 weeks. I broke from inside. My grades went from high to low in a matter of months and if I did not pull up my socks I would have failed. Eventually I did fight and U started to accept it and let it go. Some things are better left alone. Sometimes it’s better Just to let go and to accept it how it is. Get your study done and talk with your Friends about it. Do positive things and think positive. Good luck and plz Don’t give up?

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