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When my dreams are in hell

Hello. My name does not matter and my age, or anything about me. But my story needs to be shared. I do not have a mental illness or anything like that. My story goes like this.

First time when I dreamed something wicked was when I was about two years old. I dreamed snakes, all over my body, I woke up and I could still feel the snakes, somehow, I get rid of that feel and go to sleep again.

Few years later my sister told me my eyes were red when she looked at me at night I did not remember being awake that night. In my fifth grade I saw an angel standing next to my sister at night. I was scared and went to sleep.

Years passing by, hearing something happened sometimes mostly at night, like someone slapping the door or radio getting on and off by himself. Few times I could not move at night and I saw a child moving toward me. But that pass. And I forgot about all that.

Until first year of college, lot of stuff happened, and I was stressful and then it started again I started to have dreams, dreams that someone is trying to coke me and all I did in that dream was, I prayed to the god.

This started to happen very often, I saw a demon in my dreams, child demon and I yell at him, you are stupid get off me, more I yell the more weirder he is, the more and more he is getting closer being mad.

Then I remember, and I started to tell him nice words, like are you okay? Do you want help? And then he run away. But I must say before those dreams I saw something in the wall I was at hell.

I saw flying monkey watching over people who were at very bad place, lot of people. And one of those monkeys looked at me it was like looking at tv. I got scared and stopped looking at the wall and all was gone. Let me get back to the dreams paralyses and everything about chocking continues until one night. I dreamed about talking with some old man. I recognize that this man is lying about who he is, and I asked him who are you, I know that you are not the one you represent yourself. And that moment his eyes went black he looked at me and said I am the devil. I freaked out and started yelling leave me alone, I do not want you. I took the scissors and then he said okay I will go. From then I never ever again had any problems with sleep.

And I saw the god in my dreams. I could not describe that feeling, feeling of love feeling of respect feeling of fear but good fear feeling worm and nice. I will not lie I did not saw his face I saw the light. And that light told me god is light, light in my room turn on, god is wind, wind started, god is raining the rain started and then I woke up.

That was two years ago, at every part of my life I know he is taking care of me. At every part on every question I found the answer very quickly. And I must say this happens a lot, when the rain is falling I ask god to stop the rain. In myself and the rain stop. I have feeling when rain is about to begin. I am nobody, I am his daughter like every person in the world. Sometimes I think that he really loves me, or I am something else.

But in the end, I am here to believe in him and to believe in his path. So, people god exist. He always did, and he always will. Have a little faith and be good. Take care of yourself. Goodbye


  1. Happy to hear there is sense of satisfaction in you! If u feel u have special powers try to use it in direction of helping the mankind in resolving world issues.

  2. My father had two strokes and a heart attack. He has speech problems and is disabled now. When he was in a coma he told me he saw heaven and hell. He is now an amazing person and doesnt drink or fight anymore.

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