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I am not a good student

My name is Ssuhani and I am fourteen years old, and I am in class ninth.

I am not a good student, but I have never failed in my tests, I am in average student, but my family hates me a lot. Every single night I am crying and sleeping. When I am right nobody listens to me as my parents say me that I am a big liar and I am not the person to trusted.

My family are always standing to insult me in every way and whenever something happens my father or my mother gives me a tight slap instead of asking that “is there anything which is happening with you?”/

My mother is always there to support me studies and my result is fifty percent and my mother is always torturing me with those marks and that why my demand is like not to have any. Whenever my mom or dad scolds me no one is there to wipe out my tears and now I want to die but I can’t because I am having a small sister who is only 6 years old and I don’t want that whatever is happening with me today, I don’t want that should ever happen again with my sister and the same feelings which I am going through, I don’t want those feeling not even to touch my sister.


  1. You hang in there girl. It’s tough when all you need is a little support from your parents but getting insulted instead. I faced this too. I am 21 and believe me, be brave fight through this bullshit and when you will get to the other side you will be proud of yourself

  2. Don’t worry you’ll be fine when you grow up this is just a phase and you need to be strong. Believe in yourself and everything will be fine.

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