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I am into BDSM

I started as a normal male goodie two shoes. When I turned 19 I got into BDSM and a year later found a dominant guy.

I moved with him and he moved to a nudist community. Now almost all day every day my cock is regulated and kept hard and my hands occupy heavy metal shackles with chains that hold my arms up high while im tickled, pricked, whipped, cut, beaten, and milked dry (by consent). I now own no clothes and now walk on a leash with my arms up (This is why we are at a nudist community). No baths is also a must for me because slave boys are to be nude with their natural odor only.

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  1. Hmm! “cock kept hard almost all day every day” Interesting! I’ve kinda been intrigued by this..but..I envision my experiences more like My. Grey & Anastacia’s ; I’m married to the guy (dominant), and we seem like pretty normal folks to the outside world; but, we own a red room, visits to which are mandated by a contract with safe words! Maybe it’ll happen. Who knows! 😀

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