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When I said no in the cinema and no one believes me

I’m in grade ten. In July my best friend and my other best friend go together. I set them up together which was awesome they were so cute together, what happened to them is a whole other story.

We all went on a movie double date to the theatres. I had met this guy on social media I had known him for a month and we were super close very quickly. When we got into the theatres they both went to sit somewhere else down from me and my date. It was good at the start, but he started making moves on me all of a sudden, he kissed me. I was like okay, it’s just a kiss not that bad right?

The he was biting my lip hard and I told him stop but he wouldn’t. He’d pull my neck hard in and kiss me really roughly and told me to be quiet. He had me locked in all the movie by his arms and I couldn’t really move around or get out to tell anyone, and no one payed attention to anything that was happening.

He started to bite my neck and I pulled away, but he got more aggressive with me… He was pulling me on him and I fought back but I was too weak, and he pulled me on him and he was grabbing my bottom and my boobs, and I couldn’t stop it because I was so weak and shaken.

Me and my best friend had a code to text each other ” beep beep ” when we were in a bad situation or needed help. But she was too busy making out with her new “boyfriend” to pay attention to my message or what was going on. At the end of the movie I walked out said bye to the guy playing cool till he went. I told them both and they laughed and didn’t really care and thought I was been dramatic. I never told my parents or the police because I was too afraid to when I didn’t have someone to understand my pain.

And now I am getting flash backs and it’s the worst pain I have felt since it happened.


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