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She is not that beautiful, but I like her behaviour

Have you fell in love with someone by just saw them for the time? This happen to me, the first time I met her, and it already make me lost in her world.

She is not that beautiful, but I like her behaviour. She is funny and her smile that I cannot forget. She super kind even I met her only three days. But that three day is unforgettable for me.

Even though that she does not have any feeling toward me, but I just want to say that I really love her or like her. Her image still sticks in brain even I dream, and I still saw her in my dream. I hope one day that I can meet her again. I meet her while I am in a trip camp. But I just know we are in the same city. If I can meet her again and it going to be awesome besides, I could her the things from my mind. Even she rejects it, but I still have her in my heart. Message to my crush K.

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  1. I’m in the same place with a girl I know. She int really good looking but I find her extremely sexy. I really like spending time with her. She and I spent a lot of time playing guitar together and we had fun when doing it. I like looking at her body and want to tear off her clothes and pound her fat pussy until I fill her full of my cum. She uses me for money and someone to hang out with for getting high with. Several times I have told her that I want to get her naked and play with her pussy and give her all my fat dick but she says she isn’t ready for all that. She let me go down and eat her pussy one night and then the next day she was off with another guy. I really want to be in her life and love her but she doesn’t want to do it. I wish she would just let me be a fuck toy and give me some pussy whenever she wants to.

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