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She is not that beautiful, but I like her behaviour

Have you fell in love with someone by just saw them for the time? This happen to me, the first time I met her, and it already make me lost in her world.

She is not that beautiful, but I like her behaviour. She is funny and her smile that I cannot forget. She super kind even I met her only three days. But that three day is unforgettable for me.

Even though that she does not have any feeling toward me, but I just want to say that I really love her or like her. Her image still sticks in brain even I dream, and I still saw her in my dream. I hope one day that I can meet her again. I meet her while I am in a trip camp. But I just know we are in the same city. If I can meet her again and it going to be awesome besides, I could her the things from my mind. Even she rejects it, but I still have her in my heart. Message to my crush K.

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