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Fake Rape Allegation

I feel lonely, I feel like everything that happens is against me. I can’t remember the last good thing that happened to me, or the last time I went for a laugh and actually meant it. This year has been the best and the worst.

The best because I have gotten many things out of it and because I admit I have had some very memorable times but also the worst as so many bad things happened. Especially now that I am involved in a terrible issue at school about a fake rape accusation, but obviously the person claiming she was raped is getting away with it as she went straight to media, in fact she is using me as her evidence without my consent as she has a video of her “rapist” and I making out.

Btw he is not a rapist and I know because her and I used to be friends when she came to my school for an exchange program, she told me about having sex and that she made sure it was safe but the way she is telling it on tv is something completely distorted and different to what she told me and 3 other friends.

She also went into the washroom with a guy the night after she was supposedly raped. I don’t know what to think, I am so disturbed she is using the video she took, without my permission and she does not even want to send he video to me.

I am so pissed I was thinking about messaging her and telling her that she is not allowed to use that video as evidence but last time a friend messaged her she published her message on national television. She is saying that he drugged her and forced her into a room, when I know the real story and I hope the truth comes out some time.

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  1. Women do this sort of thing all the time because they’re petty and have nothing better to do. Take your story straight to the police or leave an anonymous tip. If an innocent goes to jail and you did nothing, it will be your fault as much as hers.

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