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I wish suicide was not a sin

I wish suicide was not a sin…. Nobody could resist myself from doing that…. I was born to be used by people and to be a subject to their whim??? One kind of insecurity feeling is overwhelming me…. I’m really not sure what to do with life…


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  1. I wish things will get better for you soon, just don’t give up. Suicide is not worth it. Keep trying to find your path, dont give up and one day you will find it.

    If people keep using you then you need to start sieving through them and decide for which ones is worth suffering for and which ones to leave behind.

    Try to find your passion, search for it like your life depends on it and then follow it. I know it’s really hard to find your passion, so it was for me and I really struggled with life back then as well. You just need to try everything that catches your eye and then decide if you like it enough to spend a ton of a time on that passion. Believe me it will make you happy and give your life a purpose/direction.

    I wish you all the best on your path.

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