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Eventually it all went wrong

I am empty… A hollow case, no heart, no soul .no specific place.

I had given myself, all of me to nothingness with no expectations you see. Continuing along the path that became greener as I past, I continued on into the light until suddenly .it was night. I continued on wilfully until it was too dark, I could not see. Stars in my eye I continued on with the thought that nothing could go wrong.

Running along and looking at the stars, I had hope in my mind and love in my heart, pacing along in the dark I could now no longer see the path. Ignorant to the fact I continued on. Eventually it all went wrong.

Blissful in my actions, and free. Stars in my eyes, love in my soul and hope in my thoughts. I free fell. until I hit the ground and shattered. I was ignorant to the fact and blissful in my actions. I am empty, I am a hollow case… I have no heart, I have no soul I cannot find my place.

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